I seek to redefine ecstasy

Having a voracious curiosity and appetite for the finer things life has to offer, where will we find ourselves next? 

An enchanting lady composed of passion, vulnerabilities, sexuality and mystery... oh, how much we have yet to discover of one another. If you would like a head start, I encourage you to read my diary to gain a deeper insight into my personality and interests.

I seek to redefine ecstasy. Allow me to help enhance your fantasies. Virtuoso of cuddles, witty banter and intrepid laughter, let's savor the present moment to its fullest.

Allow my delicate hands and generous tongue to provide sensuality delivered solely by someone who truly has a wanton way of learning the mind, body and soul of another.

If you have a genuine inclination towards intimacy we shall get along rather splendidly



The List

Option 1
: acquire a pair of tickets for us to attend, have me for that evening (5pm-1am) for only 500$

Option 2
: gift me a ticket, receive half off a two- hour or longer appointment 
OR a free extra in any 30-90 minute booking


You take care of the airfare & accommodations, I’ll take care of the itinerary (if you’d like me to) 


3000$/ a week

OR select a refined package (coming Summer 2019)

Longer, just ask! Shorter business trips accomodable as well




150 up to 30 minutes

220 up to 45 minutes

300 up to 1 hour

400 up to 90 minutes

500 up to 2 hours

300 hour in-date extension


360 hour minimum

300 hour in-date extension


60 each

100 each for premium

Please inquire privately for what is available

Please allot 24 hours minimum for pre booking and deposits when becoming a NEW client. 

Consider the slight increase to my rates, only if we have NOT MET IN 2019. 

Familiarize yourself with the fine details by clicking here.



Aurabelle is now booking through TopDrawerLadies.com
By the Pearson Airport (YYZ) area.
See my schedule and prebook.

Further contact info to book Aurabelle at TopDrawerLadies
TEXT #: 6477942890
Phone #: 6477624524

A good first e-mail includes

EITHER two recent provider references
OR a copy of your ID and a linked in profile

Date & Time

Location (mine or yours?)

Pet pics or witty little snippets

Please send me a note at Aurabelle.online@gmail.com to connect or fill out my booking form at the button below