Should I be aware of anything else concerning etiquette? 

I  have a slight allergy to cigarette smoke and ask that you do not smoke before our appointment. I also entertain a furry feline friend.

Why are you an oral only provider?

After experience in the industry, I have discovered my niche and have spent a long time creating a brand to revolve around it. 

Do you request a deposit?

No. Unless otherwise determined. Why? I like to believe that a person’s word still means something today. It also saves us both the extra time and hassle. 

When could I expect a deposit request? How much?

Primarily, I may request a deposit to ensure compensation for an early appointment (as early as 6am up until 9am). Other instances would be for transportation stipends or a longer date (several hours or days). As for how much of a deposit I would request, only ever 25% of our meeting before hand. Don’t let this small step get in the way of our tangibility!

Why don’t you want to be reviewed?

There are many reasons I wish not to be reviewed. Primarily, I would never disclose detail about you or our personal moments to anyone else, and wish to have the same privilege. I do not believe scaled ratings and non-regulated remarks of an encounter are accurate. Every tryst and every character brings a different experience. I believe the absence of reviews will allow our time to be more natural and genuine. If reviews are important to you, please know before I chose to rebrand and delist, I was a top ranked national provider for several years in a row. My no review policy is important to me and I appreciate your support and understanding on this journey. 

Can I request specific lingerie/outfit?

Absolutely! I love getting ready for you. I have an extensive wardrobe and able to accommodate most requests. You can request any outfit in my photos among many other desires. Feel free to let me know what your favorite colors and styles are ie: one piece/ two piece, dress, jeans etc. I also accommodate costumes. I have many realistic outfits and naughtier secretary, school girl, maid or flight attendant options. I love role playing, feel free to bring one along for us.

Do you send unblurred photos?

I do not send photo or videos of any nature. I proceed in a discreet and private manner in consideration to both our personal lives. Let’s meet face-to-face. 

What turns you on?

After much thought, I have discovered fulfilling the fantasies of others is the most arousing thing to me. My fancy is to be the stimulus to your deepest desires.

Can I bring you anything? 

Your company is gift enough. I try to embrace a fairly minimalistic lifestyle, so material gifts do not align with my values. If you are uncomfortable turning up empty handed, a consumable such as something nutritious we can share or a floral arrangement would be a lovely gesture. I am biased to orchids, lavender and bright perennials. A book or vinyl you enjoy tells me a bit about you and is a subtle way to handle the donation and win me over.

Do you offer xxx service?

Acronyms and menus devalue the authenticity and spontaneity of an encounter. I prefer to go with my intuition and instincts to allow more open mindedness and let our romance grow naturally. Please visit the à la carte section of my web page for a better understanding of how we may spend our time. 

Do you use toys?

If you would like to use toys during our time, please let me know. Toy play will be limited during our time, but I do have a selection. On request, I enjoy using toys on my clients and I. Let me know in advanced the sort of experience you are looking for!

Is credit card an acceptable form of payment?

I accept secure credit card payment either at paypal.me/aurabelle or by clicking here to purchase. Recipts say  "Aura's Holistic Healing". A 3% fee will incur. It is automatically calculated in my store. Please take this into consideration when using PayPal.

What is your policy on references?

I am happy to give you a glowing recommendation, after you have endeared yourself to me. 

Any other questions? 

Don't be shy to simply ask! Until we meet, kisses!